100%Terschelling Pavilion

The Harvest and Knowledge Map Terschelling was the starting point for the design of a mobile pavilion, a platform for debates, presentations and music performances, commissioned by the Oerol Festival. The pavilion is the result of 100%Terschelling: a method that shows the potential of the local environment by inventorying (rest)materials and knowledge.


Based on this inventory, Studio Elmo Vermijs linked several parties, which lead to a design process with rest materials, available equipment and knowledge as starting point. Subsequently, each part of the design was developed in close collaboration with islanders. The rafters for example, come from an old beach club. The roof is made with local sewing machines from old tent canvas. A local welder made the steel construction from old scaffolding and levelers. The only net weaver on the island made the fence from old fishing nets. The wood comes from beachcombers and is preserved with old frying oil from restaurants. A student from the Maritime Academy with knowledge of building steam engines made the stove. An internationally known wood worker fabricated the spools from an old tree. Each part of the pavilion is numbered, its origin and underlying story can be found on the Knowledge and Harvest Map Terschelling.


The pavilion serves as platform for research and development of this particular way of working. It offers space for discussion on current environmental and social issues. During previous events, moderators and journalists, like Tracy Metz, linked local events to broader national and international developments. 100%Terschelling is a perfect example of a methodology that does not only work on Terschelling but can be used in other places as well.


Oerol Festival is the owner of the pavilion. Each year the pavilion is rebuilt. In addition, other organizations in the Waddensea area or elsewhere in the Netherlands can rent the pavilion.


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