100%Terschelling Harvest- and knowlegdemap

Oerol Festival commissioned Studio Elmo Vermijs to realize a pavilion based on a new, environmental friendly perspective on the area surrounding the festival. As starting point, Studio Elmo Vermijs inventoried the potential of the island of Terschelling by mapping local resources, waste streams and know-how.


Studio Elmo Vermijs interviewed multiple parties that represent Terschelling's diverse community. The interviews created an understanding of the way the islanders execute their profession and other work related activities, and the (rest) materials they produce as result of these activities. Most people from Terschelling cannot live off one job and need a wide range of other activities to generate sufficient income. As result, there is a high degree of autonomy. In the inventory, there are many "undiscovered production flows", which led to high diversity of materials and surprising results. The inventory gives a excellent impression of the hidden potential of Terschelling.


The following categories are analyzed by number, frequency, property and represented value.


- dead stock (no longer used)
- end of life cycle (no longer usable)
- packaging
- production and demolition


A distinction is made between:
- material and knowledge (properties, crafts, techniques, tools)
- network (who knows who?)
- education (schools, institutions, etc.)
- other (for example: traditions, wisdoms and customs)


Ultimately, 43 parties are included in the Harvest and Knowledge Map of Terschelling. Studio Elmo Vermijs created an interactive map in collaboration with designer Casper Glorius. The map gives insight into the inventory and can be used for multiple purposes by visitors and residents of Terschelling, for example, theater makers, artists, architects, designers, and others interested.

This project is generously supported by Stichting DOEN

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