Settlingtank kitchen

For the festival Edible Landscape, Studio Elmo Vermijs realized a pavilion in a sedimentation tank of an old water purification station in Tilburg. It is the perfect place to silently observe and experience the surrounding landscape.


Edible Landscape, initiated by Ester van der Wiel, was a manifestation on the former water purification station Moerenburg, on the edge of Tilburg. It examined the possibilities for alternative uses of this landscape. Six projects investigated the role that the production and consumption of food could have in this process. These projects were all developed on site. Studio Elmo Vermijs realized the Settling Tank Kitchen, an open kitchen with panoramic view on the adjacent reed beds and water treatment plants.


The location and dimensions of the sedimentation tank were crucial for the design process. To create contact between the viewer and this extraordinary location, for example, the pavilion sits only inches above the water of the tank, from where the viewer looks at the surrounding landscape. Two concrete beams run across the tank. Once they supported the machinery for water purification, now they are used as benches were visitors can sit at long tables. The corners of the pavilion are left open for visitors to experience the vastness of the landscape. The slanted roof, supported by eight heavy beams, refers to the roofs of old farms in the surrounding province of North Brabant.

The Settling Tank Kitchen provides space for 25 people to cook and eat together, and for 50 people to have workshops, lectures, presentations and music performances.



The pavilion is completely realized with (leftover) materials from the immediate surrounding. The beams are old rafters from a nearby gymnasium, the crosses are made from fire hoses and the roof is built from reeds.


Henriette Waal
Sigrid Calon
Maarten Kolk
Liesje Demont
Maaike Bertens

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