The boldandnuttable was presented during the exhibition 20134 Milano, as part of the yearly design fair Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy.


Together with four designers the exhibition 20134 Milano was initiated in Lambrate .Studio Elmo Vermijs presented here three new designs: cubulamp, boltandnuttable and cratecupboard#3.


Five designers initiated the exhibition 20134 Milano. Studio Elmo Vermijs presented three designs: Cube Lamp, Boltandnutable and Crate Cupboard#3. The design of the Boldannuttable is based on an existing wood construction principle. The application of this principle on a table, allows for the design with separate components that are easily put together and demounted. The design refers to the second hand fruit cases used in kistkast. The corresponding use of materials creates a visual relationship between both designs.

The other designers were:
Jack Brandsma
Lambert Kamps
Studio Frank & Lisa
Studio Jenske Dijkhuis

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Boltandnuttable: INTERIEUR

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