The Buijtenkeuken (Outside Kitchen), part of workplace Buijtenland, is a mobile kitchen inspired on old baking houses with wood-fired ovens as basis for cooking and baking. Studio Elmo Vermijs developed in collaboration with cook Pepijn Schmeink, expert in cooking with wood fired oven, and stove builder Gerbrand Dros, a custom made oven.


On the outskirts of Rhoon (south of Rotterdam), workplace Buijtenland examines the relation between landscape and recreation through five projects: Buijtenpaden, Buijtenbrouwerij, Buijtenbed, Buijtenkwekerij en Buijtenkeuken.


Esther de Wiel invited Studio Elmo Vermijs to develop the Buijtenkeuken. As starting point, Studio Elmo Vermijs used old baking and cooking houses that used to stand on farmyards. In these small buildings with wood-fired ovens, baking of bread and pastries took place for the residents of the farm and the surrounding community.


This mobile kitchen is centered on a wood oven and can be used for dinners and workshops at various locations: on farmyards, markets or on other outdoor areas. Next to the preparation of dinners, it is a kitchen where experiments can take place with cooking on wood. Cooks are invited to use the Buijtenkeuken to gain knowledge about alternative ways of preparing and conserving food. Pepijn Schmeink from Restaurant Dertien was the first cook involved in the project. He has many years of experience with cooking on wood-fired ovens that form the heart of his restaurant.


Buijtenpaths: Ester van De Wiel / Marnix Tavenier
Buijtenbrewery: Henriette Waal
Buijtenbed: Studio MakkinkBey
Buijtenplantation: Willemijn Lofvers

Buijtenkitchen: A Delicious Life

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