Floating Raft

The Floating Raft was put into use during Art at the Pool, an event initiated by curator Iris Dik on the recreational area outside the Sloterpark Pool in Amsterdam West.


Art at the pool consisted of 50 different projects that are inspired on the Sloterplas and its surrounding neighborhoods. Studio Elmo Vermijs noticed that the Sloterplas is hardly used for recreational purposes. This was very different in the 1960s, when thousands of people came here to relax. With this history in mind, Studio Elmo Vermijs developed the Floating Raft, to revive the recreational use of the lake. This 50 square meter space offers new opportunities for social activities on the water: galas, kick box matches, dinners, concerts, even a wedding or a floating fanfare are possibilities.



The design of the Floating Raft is based on a stereotypical raft. Used oil barrels and tree trunks provide buoyancy and the construction of the raft. On top of the construction, different types of wood make up the floor. Fences or windshields can be placed on the edges. The raft consists of two parts, which allows it to be transported over water to other locations in Amsterdam as well.



Henriette Waal
Bert Kramer
Debra Solomon - Urbananiahoeve