Folding Sauna

Studio Elmo Vermijs developed this unique, mobile, breathable sauna, which allows you to enjoy a sauna at a location of your own choice.


The Folding Sauna is a hybrid of a trailer and a folding tent. It is made entirely of sustainable materials and distinguishes itself by the unusual application of materials from the "ordinary" sauna. The unique structure of felt (isolation) and canvas (waterproof layer) creates a "breathing" sauna experience. The steel is treated with a heat resistant coating that can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. A stove builder developed and built a custom made stove.

The interior can accommodate up to six people. The Folding Sauna consists of changing room, shower, and bench with fire basket to rest between the sauna sessions in the open air around a crackling fire. The following extras can be included: bathrobes, towels, slippers, various aromas and bottles of purified water.


The Folding Sauna is available for rent via Rent-a-Project, a company that rents out various mobile design projects. For more information:

The Folding Sauna is made possible with the generous (material)
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