GROUNDED is the result of a long-term inventory of the Terschellinger Polder. With the meadow birds as indicator, Elmo Vermijs investigated the wellbeing of this ancient cultural landscape that is under increasing pressure. What is the future of the polder and its users? Two separate works, SOUNDMIRROR and PERSPECTIVE, show how the area transformed from sea to polder and production ground, and how the fate of the meadow bird changed with it. Over 7500 people visited GEGROND.

GROUNDED.ElmoVermijs.Oerol2018 from elmo vermijs on Vimeo.

Elmo Vermijs used manure, compost, and sea clay from the to make the sounds of the meadow birds, which depend on these materials for their food supply, audible for visitors of the polder. Concrete sound mirrors, the giant structures that functioned as early warning system for approaching enemy aircraft in the First World War, inspired Elmo Vermijs to make this installation.

This exhibition examines the origin and cultural-historical development of the polder based on stories of eleven current users. Visitors are invited to walk across a layer of compost and view the polder from a bird's-eye perspective and to reflect on the question: who is the owner of this land?

On the occasion of the exhibition a publication was published. If you are interested in a copy, please send an email to The publication is available in print and e-book.