Hotel Buiten - vision

Hotel Buiten is an initiative to build a hotel spread out on the islands and the shore of the Sloterplas (Amsterdam-West). This hotel will be developed in an eco-friendly and local way. This vision document provides insight into what organic development is and what it could mean for this particular place. Spatial design studios Overtreders-W and Studio Elmo Vermijs made the vision document with the idea of developing this location through constant learning and adapting. The document provides an alternative perspective on a particular site, and how to develop it in stages over time. The vision document researches several components and shows their interconnectedness. The development of the various parts, for example, the path entrance, café-restaurant, flower garden, stairs and crossings, islands lodges, and the event terrain, are visualized and explained in a timeline. The document clusters all the parts and connects them to parties in the vicinity of the Sloterplas that could provide (rest) materials, knowledge, labor and education. Local parties are involved and connected to each other. This allows people from the neighborhood to contribute to the development of their own area. The potential already present in the area, is the driving force behind the development of "Hotel Buiten."

Hotel Buiten is initiated by Overtreders-W, Studio Elmo Vermijs and Tijdelijk Gebruik (Jeroen Jonkers and Albert Groothuizen), and is actively supported by neighborhood committee Buiten Westen. Café Buiten is run by Moes.

Hotel Buiten: Townspeople changing the City

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