Greenhouse Pavilion

Landkunst, a yearly program in the province of North Brabant, connects the countryside, city, environment, cultural heritage, and contemporary art to each other. Studio Elmo Vermijs realized a meeting place on a green field near the Dommelhoeve, a farm in St. Oedenrode.


The Dommelhoeve lies next to the small River De Dommel, in an area where many people recreate.


Studio Elmo Vermijs inventoried local production and waste streams. Ahrend Furniture, demolition company A. van Liempd, and Construction Company BAM, came forward as suppliers.


Their waste streams were used as starting point for the design of Greenhouse Pavilion that consists of a wooden substructure and flooring, curved scaffolding tubes, canvas and semi-transparent scaffolding fabric. The structure refers to the typology of the many greenhouses in the surrounding area. The pavilion sits at a crossroad of multiple hiking trails in the area. It offers hikers and other visitors a tranquil and bucolic place to linger, listen to nature, and gaze at passing clouds in the sky. In addition, various events are organized, ranging from get-togethers, dinners, theatre, musical performances and educational projects.


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