Narratives of the Forest

Narratives of the Forest; a large installation and collection of short essays, is the first result of the long-term research project StagingWood. On an open spot in the woods of Terschelling, more than a hundred tree trunks, temporarily borrowed from the local sawmill, have been stacked to form an installation that is halfway between a stall and a shelter. Here, together with an accompanying collection of essays, you are invited to look, listen and meet the forest.

At a time when prevailing ideas about the relationship between humans and nature are threatening the viability of the planet, in StagingWood I am questioning: What does it mean to put the non-human environment and the ecosystem of the forest in particular at the heart of thinking, - and wood production processes? With a multi-oriented coalition of forest perspectives, I will investigate new attitudes by means of (material)research, spatial, installations, seminars, publications, and an online platform. For more information: