For ONGEZOUTEN, a traveling program in the IJsselmeer region about challenges such as climate change, water, and ecology and its impact on the landscape, a series of installations were realized; each time at a different location, using local materials and communities. ONGEZOUTEN asked artists Marc van Vliet, Bruno Doedens, and Elmo Vermijs to develop a landscape art concept for the IJsselmeer area. A concept in which conversations (in the landscape) between professionals, residents, entrepreneurs, and governments at various locations could take place.

We proposed a large landscape artistic framework, each time made of local materials and with local communities. Facilitating conversations in this landscape framework about the major challenges of the IJsselmeer region intended a direct relationship between the landscape and the conversation about it.

Elmo Vermijs elaborated this framework for each location, depending on the site characteristics, local materials, knowledge, and crafts present and realized with local communities. Sometimes with 500 bath towels, other times with freshly cut reeds or traffic signs.
The result is a series of unique landscape frames that characterize the diversity of this area.

Below an impression (only Dutch) of the ONGEZOUTEN day in the Weerribben National Park.

ONGEZOUTEN is an initiative of MOOI Noord-Holland and Het Oversticht. It is made possible by the Erfgoed Deal and Province of Noord-Holland, Province of Flevoland, Province of Friesland, and Province of Overijssel.