harvestmap zaanstreek

Cultural entrepreneur Bas Husslage commissioned Studio Elmo Vermijs in collaboration with Dirk Overduin to inventory waste streams in the Zaandam region.


In a period of three months, the waste products of various companies were mapped. Several designers are currently using this specific methodology, which was developed by Superuse Studios from 1998 onwards, as starting point for their design processes. The map shows the following streams:
- package materials
- end of life cycle: material at the end of life (still reusable)
- dead stock inventory (new materials) that is no longer used
- outdoor advertising
- production waste
- construction and demolition waste

Bas Husslage is poet, writer and cultural entrepreneur working on several (urban farming) projects in the Zaandam area. He initiated amongst others: SmaakExplosies, Stichting Monet, De Monetttuin and the Farmers' Market. The Harvest Map Zaanstreek serves as inspiration for the use of materials sourced in and around Zaandam, for these and new projects.

For more designs inspired on used materials, visit: www.superuse.org