Overtreders W and Studio Elmo Vermijs initiated Superlocal 100%Nieuw-West. This project used Hotel Buiten, a to be build hotel located near the Sloterplas, as case study to research the local potential of the neighborhood Nieuw-West in Amsterdam.


A shared fascination for the origins of materials and working with local expertise, has led to this collaboration. This site-specific and collaborative way of working has proven its value in previous projects such as the Noorderparkbar (Overtreders W icw Bureau SLA), the first 100%marketplace building in the Netherlands. And 100%Terschelling (Studio Elmo Vermijs icw Arie van Ziel), this project mapped local knowledge, production and waste flows on Terschelling, and subsequently resulted in a pavilion and various other landscape projects.


The collaboration is investigating the possibilities to expand the gained expertise from 100%market place and 100%Terschelling on a larger scale in Nieuw-West. The project aims at the development of the complete neighborhood, which includes landscape design, architecture and energy supplies. The harvest and knowledge map will inventory the local potential and resources of Nieuw-West. Next to production knowledge and streams of (waste) materials, the map will also survey education. Lastly, the map will provide insight into the labor locally available. Which parties are interested in investing time in the development of public spaces in their own neighborhood? The concept, that all raw materials, labor and knowhow necessary for the development of a site-specific project can be sourced from the area itself, is called Superlocal.


An initial survey of Nieuw-West resulted in 38 local parties that want to participate.
-waste materials: 17
-knowhow: 13
-labor: 4
-education: 4
This inventory can be found on the interactive map of Superlocal.

Using this survey as starting point, several scenarios are developed to outline potential collaborations between different parties. These collaborations can lead to interventions in public space, that otherwise would not have been possible, for example, the organization of events, alternative use of materials, or even the construction of new buildings.


As follow up, some of these scenarios will be implemented into the neighborhood. Studio Elmo Vermijs and Overtreders-W are responsible for the design, and Judith Lekkerkerker will monitor and document the process developments, contextualize this project within an international framework, and publish her findings.