Tower room

Studio Elmo Vermijs was asked to design the interior of the Tower Room in the new building of the elementary school Koningin Wilhelmina in Zoetermeer.


On the top floor of the new building, there is a room with view on the roof and the surrounding area. The challenge of this assignment was to create a space where children (5 - 11 years) can simultaneously study and play, with relaxed supervision of their teachers.


The idea was to create a light and open space with a lot of vistas, which at the same time offers children multiple places to retreat. The space is designed in such way that you can climb higher and higher. In the middle there is a net with stretched tent fabric as roof. There are multiple lamps in the shape of tetrahedrons and hexagons that are made of fabric and Velcro and can be taken apart by the children to acquaint themselves with basic mathematical forms. Furthermore, there are cushions that children can use as building blocks to playfully create their own spaces.

Studio Elmo Vermijs only used rest materials, both new and used, which otherwise would end up as thrash. Right from the start, the room has been used a lot. It is by far the children’s most popular space in the school.