To mark the new traffic junction A28/N340, nearby Zwolle (NL), Elmo Vermijs and Pieter Veen - circular landscapes where selected to make a proposal for an art work.

Our aim was to visualize the landscape entanglement of the different streams; water, ecology, transport and recreation into an intriguing object. We proposed a landscape-machine that shows and questions the increasing changes in climate by means of wind and water. Depending on the speed of the wind and water level, a certain amount of water will be brought up by a wheel, creating a waterfall effect. The constant dynamic of water creates a specific type of ecology reflecting the changes in wind and water. For the proposal an inventory of local parties was conducted on possible circular and waste materials and cutting edge knowledge. With several local parties we collaborated to create the proposal.
Our proposal was welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm by the committee but unfortunately became second.